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How is Brand Protection globally?

How is Brand Protection globally?

In the era of the industrial revolution 4.0, companies can reach potential consumers around the world through social media, e-mail marketing and internet marketing in addition to carrying out traditional marketing. However, this technological development is widely used by irresponsible people to sell counterfeit goods and even trade using world-famous brands. Increasingly sophisticated technological developments provide opportunities for sellers of counterfeit goods and traders who use well-known brands to operate from anywhere in the world. Therefore global brand protection must be the centre of law.

How important is brand protection globally?

A key goal of global brand protection is ensuring that essential company trademarks are protected effectively in relevant international jurisdictions. However, trademarks must be protected for more than business and product names. Companies must protect their brand logos, the "look and feel" of their packaging, and maybe even the designs of their products. Most countries have intellectual property laws, but in order to take advantage of them, businesses must take the initiative to protect and enforce their brands.

What are the elements that protect brands globally?

While the best strategy for each company will differ depending on their specific needs, global brand protection requires two essential steps: first, protection of intellectual property, and then enforcement. Read more

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