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Changes in the Ukrainian Intellectual Property Institute

Changes in the Ukrainian Intellectual Property Institute

Updated 1 December 2022: Online filing is again possible as it was re-launched on 28 November 2022, and no further filing delays are expected.

The state Intellectual Property Institute in Ukraine is currently under re-organization. Below we have listed some of the key changes.

- The patent office does currently not conduct official searches for all IP matters.

- The Board of Appeals has temporarily suspended its work due to the re-organization process. Information on the next dates for hearings is not yet available.

- The patent office’s new official name is Ukrainian National Office of Intellectual Property and Innovations (UKRNOIPI).

All previously submitted powers of attorney should be accepted by the new organization, and therefore no new powers of attorney will be needed from customers.

The re-organization is part of the IP law reform started already in 2016.

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