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3 Easy Tips for Registering a Trademark in Indonesia

3 Easy Tips for Registering a Trademark in Indonesia

Registering a Trademark in Indonesia is very easy. This article explains why you should register your Trademark in Indonesia, the easy steps to take, and tips so that your Trademark will be accepted.

Why Should Your Trademark Be Registered?

As a developing country, Indonesia has become an export destination for developed countries in marketing their goods and services. With an average of 8,500 submissions for new trademark registrations per month from home and abroad, businesses from Europe, America, Japan, China and Korea are competing fiercely with local companies to get protection for their brands in Indonesia.

- Trademark protection applies sectorally; that is, it can only be protected in a country if you have registered your Trademark in the destination country. So, if your brand or service targets the Indonesian market, its registration in Indonesia is mandatory.

- Indonesia uses a "first to file" system, in which priority to use a Trademark is given to the first party who submits its registration. A person or legal entity that first applies for registration of a mark is given priority to use the Trademark.

- With a protected brand, your business can defend against third-party claims regarding products and services that use the same brand.

- Having a strong or well-known trademark will enhance a company's reputation and can ultimately increase the value of its goods and services.

- A strong and reliable trademark can increase the value of goods or services. Your business can use this Trademark to raise consumer awareness of your brand in Indonesia. Read more

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