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Declassifying trade secret licensing

Declassifying trade secret licensing

Trade secrets can be a useful form of intellectual property protection. They often come at a much lower costs than a patent, but in Asia, at least, they also come with significantly fewer protections. Excel V. Dyquiangco examines when a trade secret is a good idea.

A trade secret is a type of intellectual property embodied in a business information that an enterprise uses to develop its products. Its confidential nature allows the enterprise to extract commercial value from it.

Trade secrets may be anything from formulas, processes, designs, device or data, among others. Recipes, computer program designs, search algorithms, manufacturing processes, customer data and lists of suppliers are some examples of trade secrets.

Benefits of trade secret licensing

Companies resort to trade secret licensing to commercialize such proprietary information, grow their business and strengthen their foothold in the market.

“I have seen the food manufacturers using trade licensing route to expand their operations by way of franchising arrangement or entering into joint ventures,” said Ranjan Narula, managing partner at RNA, Technology and IP Attorneys in Gurugram. Read more

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