Monday, December 5 2022   \  Published by Sagacious IP.

Patentability Search – Securing the Novelty of Innovation

Patentability Search – Securing the Novelty of Innovation

Timely identification of pertinent prior arts can help R&D departments, businesses, individual inventors, etc., avoid hurdles in the innovation and patenting process. It works by helping patent applicants identify patent and non-patent literature that may affect an invention’s patentability. That is why more and more innovators are using patentability search services to file and obtain patents seamlessly. Failing to perform patentability search before filing a patent application can easily lead to unforeseen office actions and even result in rejection.

This article is a comprehensive discussion on patentability search, and covers how to perform it, standard practices, patentability search reports, etc. It also sheds light on Sagacious IP’s innovative approach to patentability search. But first, let us understand the meaning of this search. Read more

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