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Nigeria: Copyright and the protection of creatives

Nigeria: Copyright and the protection of creatives

This article serves the purpose of educating creatives on the importance of copyright laws in Nigeria. It also provides insight into the major aspects of copyrights, its protection, and their implication on creatives.

It is worthy of note that the principal law that governs copyrights in Nigeria is the Copyright Act LFN 2004, and the government agency that is responsible for the regulation and administration of copyright in Nigeria is the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC).

The Copyright Act (the Act) makes provision for the protection, transfer, infringement, and remedies for the infringement of copyrights in Nigeria.

It is important to note that not all creative works are eligible for copyright. Section 1(1) of the Copyright Act LFN 2004 states that the following listed works qualify for copyright: Literary works; Musical works; Artistic works; Cinematograph films; Sound recordings. Read more

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