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New IP law in Chile (I): main changes in the patent system

New IP law in Chile (I): main changes in the patent system

It has been a long way down the road, but it’s finally here: the new IP Law in Chile. At the Latin America IP SME Helpdesk we have been holding this post like forever, until a new Constitution was rejected by the Chilean citizens on 4 September 2022. Had it been approved; this post would have ended up completely different. That clarified, let’s do this!

In Chile, a new IP Law entered into force on 9 May 2022. This new Law modifies the previous one from 1991, providing a transformation within the IP landscape in Chile with benefits to users. In words of Loreto Bresky, INAPI’s Director (the National Institute of Industrial Property -Instituto Nacional de Propiedad Industrial - INAPI): "The approval of this Law constitutes a qualitative leap, which allows us to face with more and better tools, our country challenge of becoming an increasingly relevant actor in terms of innovation, at the international level". And with those words, summarizing how important this new IP Law is for Chile, we start. Read more

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