Wednesday, November 9 2022   \  Published by Petosevic.

New Copyright Law Enter Into Force in Moldova

New Copyright Law Enter Into Force in Moldova

On October 9, 2022, the new copyright and related rights law entered into force in Moldova, aiming to transpose several EU directives in the field of copyright into national legislation and generally improve the copyright protection system in the country.

The law introduced an additional annual remuneration payable to performers by phonogram producers for each full year following the 50th year from the phonogram’s first lawful publication or its first communication to the public. This right cannot be waived by performers and is enforced through a designated collective management organization (CMO).

The law increases the accountability standards for CMOs by establishing clearer mechanisms for the collection and distribution of royalties. CMOs are now also required to prepare and publish an annual transparency report that includes information on their activities, collected royalties, financial statements and license refusals. Read more

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