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IP outsourcing for trademarks

IP outsourcing for trademarks

Brand owners face unique challenges protecting their trademarks and related brand assets in a competitive global marketplace. As time and budgets come under increasing scrutiny, IP departments are having to rethink the way they manage routine day-to-day tasks by embracing IP outsourcing for trademark docketing, recordals, renewals, and more.

Knowledge and experience are vital to effective trademark management, but as portfolios become increasingly global, IP leaders need the support of specialist services and proactive suppliers if they are to register, protect, and enforce their international trademark portfolios efficiently and cost-effectively.

This was the key message from our recent webinar on managing international trademarks efficiently, in which Corporate IP Manager Alessandro Zito shared how he used IP outsourcing to restructure his legal team to focus on strategic and business-critical needs with Séverine Bonhomme, Senior IP Consultant of Client Architecture Solutions in Questel’s Trademark Division.

Deciding which IP tasks to keep in-house and which to outsource is the holy grail for today’s corporate IP managers, but finding the right balance is far from easy. In the webinar, Alessandro discussed the value of rethinking the way IP departments manage the many time-consuming tasks associated with the administration of global trademark portfolios—such as data verification, docketing, recordals, and renewals—and shared his experiences and lessons learned when planning IP outsourcing projects. Read more

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