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How RPA Innovations are Changing the Legal and IP Industries

How RPA Innovations are Changing the Legal and IP Industries

RPA or robotic process automation facilitates streamlining workflows, allowing organizations to become more profitable, responsive, and flexible. Moreover, it has proven to be a significant tool for businesses during this era of digital transformation. Companies such as UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, EdgeVerve, Kofax, Pegasystems, HelpSystems, AntWorks, Softomotive, ARGOS LABS, WorkFusion, NICE, etc. are actively working in the domain of robotic process automation and are developing RPA platforms to enhance the user experience of RPA software and integrate the technology with other tools and databases. RPA innovations are touching all industries and areas, and law is no exception. For instance, they are helping attorneys and IP experts in managing data security, e-filing, managing and drafting patents, and much more.

This article is a comprehensive discussion on robotic process automation, the combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and RPA, industries using RPA, the advantages of using RPA in legal and IP industries, the future of RPA, and much more. Read more

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