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IP Protection in the Food Industry in Australia and New Zealand

IP Protection in the Food Industry in Australia and New Zealand

The food sector plays an essential role in the economies of many countries, accounting for multibillion-dollar revenues every year. For example, the food and beverage industry accounts for more than 30%, or $113 billion, of Australia’s manufacturing output in 2021. With growing competition and reducing profit margins, innovation has become increasingly important to the industry. Recent years have seen celebrity chefs, fast food chains, and food and beverage companies developing new recipes and products to cater for ever-changing customer needs and tastes. These new products are diverse and for example include: new flavours (e.g., for “snacks”), alternative sugars, plant-based foods, and engineered meat products. Development of these new products is accompanied by an important question – how can the intellectual property (IP) rights associated with these new creations be protected from competitors?

In the following, we discuss the various IP rights available for the protection of new ingredients, new food-based products, improved production processes and apparatus, and food or beverage recipes. Read more

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