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A look into the Lebanese Trademark Gazette

A look into the Lebanese Trademark Gazette

In 1922, Lebanon issued its first trademark publication. Recently, Lebanon updated their publication system and started issuing the trademark official gazette online, which can be downloaded through the following link

The Lebanese Gazette, which has 1225 pages and numerous national and international applications, is published every Thursday.

When going through the Lebanese gazette, we can see that it covers a variety of subjects more than just those related to trademarks. Legislation, official and judicial statements, announcements from the land registry secretariat and the commercial registry secretariat, as well as private advertisements, are all included.

The Lebanese Gazette stands out above other publications in that it was published in Lebanon AFTER registration and certificate issuance, NOT PRIOR, as in other nations. This particular claim is only made by Lebanon and Algeria, hence there is no disagreement in those two nations. If an infringement is occurring, the owner of the crucial trademark may provide a written warning to the offending party. If the offending party does not respond, the first owner may file a lawsuit. Read more

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