Thursday, September 15 2022   \  Published by Colmenares & Asociados.

New Andean Manual For Patent Examination

New Andean Manual For Patent Examination

A new Andean Manual for patent examination has been presented, This tool is very useful for the protection of innovations in the CAN countries: Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

The document prepared by the General Secretariat of the CAN with the support of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is extremely important to consolidate the high standard of work in the offices.

Likewise, this guide serves to harmonize the practices of the four Andean countries and in a world of constant technological development it is necessary to have a consensus to promote innovation in these regions. The old 2003 manual has been widely used in Andean offices, but technological progress in recent years has forced this change and the need for a new guide. Read more

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