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New Patent e-Filing System in Thailand

New Patent e-Filing System in Thailand

In Thai Intellectual Property law, patents are classified as the highest proprietary right that give the owner the legal right to prevent others from manufacturing, distributing, using or selling an invention for a certain period of time in a particular jurisdiction. Digital documents, as the permitted form of submission, improve the aforementioned safeguard by effectively providing enhanced access to the protection under Thai Intellectual Property law. 

Patent e-Document system

The Thai Department of Intellectual Property ("DIP") has implemented the Patent e-Document system for use with the filing of patent and petty patent applications, effective as of 1 January 2022. This aims to facilitate the filing of patent applications or amendments, promote environmental awareness (through paperless processes) and to expedite the registration process by allowing the advance submission of electronic files through the Patent e-Document system, but with certain criteria as follows: Read more


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