Thursday, July 28 2022   \  Published by D&N International.

Vietnam’s 2022 Amended Intellectual Property Law adopted

On 16 June, 2022, the National Assembly of Vietnam finally adopted the Draft Amendment of the Intellectual Property Law ("Draft Law"). The newly amended IP Law is informed to take effect as from January 1, 2023, except for the provisions on protection of sound marks taking effect as from January 14, 2022 and provisions on protection of test data for agrochemical products taking effect as from January 14, 2024.

This Draft Law was introduced for debates and public consultation in 2020 and 2021, after 15 years of implementation of the exisiting IP Law 2005 (previously amended in 2009 and 2019), to be in accordance with the international commitments following the country's accessions to recent international trade agreements such as CPTPP, EVTA, and RCEP. 

The recently adopted amendment to the IP Law focuses on seven major groups of policies: Read more 


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