Thursday, April 21 2022   \  Published by Moeller IP Advisors.

Trade secrets: What you need to know

By Mariana Volpi. Lawyer.

Have you ever wondered why there is no other beverage that tastes quite like Coca-Cola, or that no other algorithm understands what you are looking for like Google’s? Or maybe you have been curious about the exact criteria the New York Times uses for its Best Sellers List, that makes it so influential? If so, I regret to inform you might keep wondering for a while: all this information is protected under Trade Secret.

Trade Secret is used to safeguard the confidential information that a business wishes to remain private. The protection applies to any information of a business that is not known either by the experts of the sector or the public at large, has a commercial value derived from its secrecy, and is subject to reasonable steps/measures taken by the rightful holder to ensure its secrecy.

As long as it meets the above conditions, the information can be technical, commercial, financial, or a combination of these. It might also be a formula or a recipe. From a marketing strategy to the results of a survey or the list of a business’s most valuable customers, can all be protected by Trade Secret. Read more


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