Monday, April 4 2022   \  Published by Peduti Advogados.

Brazil recognizes new denomination of origin

In February 2022 the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BPTO) published the recognition of “Norte de Minas” (North of Minas Gerais State) as a Denomination of Origin (DO) to the Aroeira honey.

This new Denomination of Origin establishes an area of 64 municipalities where the especial characteristics of the soil and climate, the presence of the aroeira-do-sertão tree with its specific interrelations and the knowledge of the beekeepers of the region, result in the production of a honey with characteristics and qualities derived from their geographical environment.

The North of Minas region concentrates large areas of dry lands ideal to growth of the aroeira-do-sertão tree, which are the main source of food of the Apis mellifera bees. This combination results in a honey with high concentration of phenolic compounds and honeydew, that differentiate this honey from others produced from different vegetable sources. Read more

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