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Halal Label Protected by Intellectual Property, Cannot Be Commercialized Without Permission

The Indonesian Halal label authorized by the Halal Product Assurance Administration (“BPJPH“) entered into force nationally in March 2022 with the Decree of the Head of BPJPH Number 40 of 2022.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian Ulema Council’s (“MUI“) halal label has been formally revoked and is no longer being applied progressively. The Minister of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia, Yaqut Cholil Qoumas, disclosed the change in the halal label.

According to Muhammad Aqil Irham, Head of BPJPH, business entities that still use the MUI’s halal label and have packaging that includes the MUI’s halal label are permitted to use up the packaging stock first. The entities is then required to include a halal label on his product in accordance with the Decree of the Head of BPJPH Number 40 of 2022 on the Determination of the Halal Label if the stock of packaging with the MUI’s halal label has run out and the validity period of the halal stipulation number from the MUI has also expired.

Aqil also stated that this policy is a form of government convenience for business actors during the transition period for the implementation of halal certification, which was originally organized by a community organization, namely MUI, and then switched to the government represented by BPJPH under the supervision of the Ministry of Religion and the implementation of halal certification. from previously voluntary to mandatory. Read more

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