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How to file a patent in Colombia?

What is a patent in Colombia?

A patent in Colombia is an exclusive right granted by the Colombian State as a property title of new creations and procedures, which allows to generate profits around that invention for 20 years in Colombia.

An invention patent is a right that the State grants the inventor to exercise exclusivity over his invention. It enables it to prevent third parties, without authorization, from performing acts of manufacture, use, offer for sale, sale or import of the patented product or procedure.

How to file a patent in Colombia?

The official language for patent filing in Colombia is Spanish. The application may be filed in any other foreign language; therefore,  all the documentation must be in Spanish and the signed documents must be apostilled  within ten working days from the date of filing.

The approximate time from application to granting (for a prosecution without an opposition) is from 3 to 5 years. Read more


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