Wednesday, March 16 2022   \  Published by Moeller IP Advisors.

The Rise of Cybersquatting Poses a Genuine Threat for Brands

Since its inception, the internet has evolved remarkably, from its original role as mere means of communication into a thriving, fully-fledged digital space for commercial activities. With a greater number of people spending more time online, the internet has become an invaluable commercial resource, with businesses reinforcing their online presence to build brand awareness while offering authentic content and a place to make trusted sales.

A strong online presence is key to securing business and promoting brands, and the modern consumer has come to expect it. On account of this, cybersquatting has become an all-too-common practice for fraudulent online activity and a genuine problem for legitimate brands.

Cybersquatting is known as the act of registering, trafficking in, or using an internet domain name with the intent to profit from the goodwill of third parties’ trademark, or its variations. It involves the preemptive and bad faith registration of trademarks as domain names by third parties who do not own the rights to such names. Read more

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