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Find out about the different types of patents

If you have invented something new and you think you have patent potential, you need to know which type of patent your invention falls under in order to apply for registration.

In addition, its creation must meet the requirements of novelty, inventive activity or act and industrial application in order to be patented.

Read this article and find out what types of patents are and understand their requirements 

What is patent?

Letter of Patent is a title that the State grants to the creators of inventions to guarantee their right of ownership over their creation for a certain period of time.

In return, the inventor needs to reveal the technical details of his creation so that it can be shared with society when the patent expires and the invention becomes public domain.

However, during the term of the patent, the inventor has exclusivity in the commercial exploitation of his invention.

In addition, the Industrial Property Law provides for penalties for those who may violate the right to property. In the criminal sphere, the penalty for those who commercially exploit the patented products, without authorization from the holder, is detention from three months to one year, in addition to pecuniary compensation in the civil sphere. Read more


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