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Legal Consequences of Leaking Patent Images in the Automotive Industry

One of the reasons a party files a patent is to gain exclusive rights in order that its innovations are not exploited by others. However, since the patent registration procedure is prolonged, these registration application materials occasionally leak or slip into the hands of third parties. Even if the application procedure is an inevitable starting step, this is obviously highly adverse to the Inventor and Applicant as a candidate for a patent recipient.

The Application as referred to in section (1) is filed by the Applicant or his/her Proxy to the Minister in writing in Indonesian language and with a payment of fee. Every Application is filed for one Invention or a group of Inventions which are linked to each other.

Furthermore, based on Article 25 Paragraph (2) of Law Number 13 of 2016 on Patent (“Patent Law”), the Application must be accompanied by the following requirements:

  1. Title of the Invention;
  2. A description of the Invention;
  3. Claim or claims of the Invention;
  4. Abstract of the invention;
  5. The pictures mentioned in the description are needed to clarify the Invention, if the Application is accompanied by a picture;
  6. Power of attorney in the event that the application is submitted through a proxy;
  7. Statement of ownership of the  Invention by the Inventor;
  8. A letter of transfer of ownership of an Invention in the event that the Application is filed by an Applicant who is not an Inventor; and
  9. Proof of storage of microorganisms, in the event that the Application is related to microorganisms. Read more

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