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CNIPA: 815,000 abnormal/junk patent applications notified in 2021

CNIPA: 815,000 abnormal/junk patent applications notified in 2021

On January 6, 2022, the Conference of IPO Directors was held in Beijing in the form of tele-conference.


Shen, Changyu, the director of China International Intellectual Property Administration(CNIPA) reported that they notified 815,000 abnormal patent applications to local authorities for four times in 2021, which was in order to crack down on the behaviors of abnormal patent application. About these cases, the withdrawal rate was as high as 97%, which was made by the authority of CNIPA, directly requiring and instructing the applicant or agent to withdraw the patent application.


To crack down on the illegal agency behavior, they discussed with 2,350 law agencies and instructed 2,105 agencies to make rectification, making the warning and fines to 220 patent applications, and revoking the qualification of 12 agencies to stop their agency business.


When talking about the major tasks in 2022, Shen, Changyu also said, they will continue cracking down on abnormal patent applications, which could improve the environment of high-quality development of intellectual property and maybe more friendly to the creation of high-quality intellectual property.


In conclusion, we can see that cracking down on the abnormal patent applications will be a continuous work for China, and it will be stricter to these illegal actions in the future. 

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