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Trademark Renewals: How to Renew a Trademark Registration

Trademarks are a normal part of life. We are surrounded by trademarked logos, words, symbols, designs, devices, and more. While trademarks are an intellectual property protection staple used by businesses and individuals alike, the process of registering or renewing a trademark might seem complicated for the uninitiated. However, due to the many benefits of registering and maintaining a trademark registration, it is important to know how to register and renew a trademark.

What is a Trademark?

A trademark can be defined as a type of intellectual property that protects recognizable signs, designs, or expressions of a product, service, or individual. These distinct marks or characteristics have an economic benefit that contributes to the brand they help create. As such, it is important for the trademark holders to gain some form of legal protection in order to ward off imitators and copycats.

Trademarks utilize two main symbols as identifiers. The first is the ™ symbol has no legal bearing as it can be used by anyone without registering the trademark. The other symbol is ® which distinguishes a registered trademark. Read more


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