Thursday, February 24 2022   \  Published by Deep & Far Attorneys-at-law.

TIPO Issues Music Licensing: A Guide for the Startup Industry

To assist startups that use music in their productions such as podcasters and music application developers to familiarize themselves with the various issues involved in obtaining licenses, the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office has created a document - Music Licensing: A Guide for the Startup Industry. It consists of 5 chapters as follows:

  1. The Current Situation and Development of Music Exploitation in the Startup Industry. This section enumerates the types of copyright currently in use in the industry.
  2. Licensing Practices of Copyright Collective Management Organizations in Taiwan. This part provides an introduction to the CMOs that conduct a broad range of music management.
  3. Copyright Licensing Systems and Practices in the Startup Industry. This is where the guide analyzes problems that startups may encounter in obtaining licenses and the differences between individual copyright owners and collective management organizations.
  4. Chapter 4 discusses the issue of who should be responsible for obtaining relevant licenses.
  5. Chapter 5 introduces the positive effects music licensing can have on the startup industry. The aim of this guide is to let startups get a clear picture of the various ways that musical works can be used commercially and also understand the licensing practices and legal ramifications involved in dealing with individual rights holders and collective management organizations.

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