Thursday, February 17 2022   \  Published by Helios IP.

Nauru: The New Nauruan Trademark Act

The new Nauruan Trademark Act has come into with the option of applying for trademark registrations verses the publishing of cautionary notices to protect IP rights.  Applicants will need to file separate applications for each class claimed.  Applications are only accepted in English and must declare use or the intent to use of the mark.
When the formal requirements above have been met, the mark will be published, initiating a 21-day opposition period.  Assuming the mark is not opposed, it will proceed to examination and will be accepted and registered if there is no objection.  Registrations are valid 10 years from the filing date and can be subsequently renewed every ten years.

If the mark is opposed, applicants must respond within 21 days from receiving notice.  

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