Monday, February 14 2022   \  Published by Am Badar & Am Badar.

Vaccines, AI and the rise of China: Looking Back on Patents in 2021

Despite the collective hardships suffered due to continuing global pandemic, 2021 saw numerous interesting innovations emerging from all corners of the world. We may not know how long this condition will last, but this doesn’t mean that the people should refrain from creating and innovating. Join us as we recap a few important developments, cases and inventions in the field of patents.

  • The Top Players

 Global patent database, IFI Claims, released their list of top holders until the end of 2021 in which Samsung takes the top spot with 90,416 currently held patents. For countries, the U.S. leads the list with 70 companies in the top 250, with Japan and China rounding up the top three. However, despite being first place, U.S. patent grants decreased from 8 to 12 percent, meanwhile Chinese companies saw a 10% increase, going from 18,792 in 2020 to 20,679 during the past year. A total of four Chinese companies are now in the Top 50 including Huawei, BOE, Advanced New Technologies and Guangdong Oppo. Read more


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