Tuesday, February 1 2022   \  Published by Stillwaters Law Firm.

Human Goodwill: Expanding the Scope of Intellectual Property in Nigeria


When Kanu Nwankwo was projected as “Papilo” in the “Peak Milk” advert after Nigeria’s tremendous victory at the historic 1994 Olympic football match, Nigerians were moved by that sentiment/psychology and almost every local footballer, nay, every home touched by love for this footballer took to drinking no other milk but Peak Milk. The huge sales recorded by the company after that advert is not in doubt.

If we are faced with the doubt of venturing into an investment with a company, and we are shown some documents proving that the owner or perhaps one of the company’s director is the eminent Nigerian industrialist, Aliko Dangote, perhaps our doubts will cease and we will thrust into the business confident that it will succeed. I am sure every country has such reputable individuals with such driving force. Read more

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