Tuesday, February 1 2022   \  Published by Am Badar & Am Badar.

Buying Franchise Business, Doesn’t Mean Buy the Intellectual Property

Essentially, franchise is a marketing concept in order to expand business networks quickly. Franchising is not an alternative, but a way that is as strong and strategic as the conventional way of developing a business.

The concept of the franchise business has recently become one of the centers of attention as a form of breakthrough business development. Considering that, franchised businesses are businesses that have been tested and are successful in their field, or are supported by a well-known figure as the owner, so that they can guarantee a profit, this factor then becomes a magnet to attract public interest at large.

The granting of a franchise is always related to the granting of the right to use and or utilize certain Intellectual Property, which in this case is manifested in the form of a brand, either which includes a trademark or service mark, or a certain indication of origin and a form of format, formula, characteristics. characteristics, methods, procedures, procedures, systems and so on that are unique in nature related to, and which cannot be separated from any output or product produced and subsequently sold, delivered or traded by using the trademark, service mark or indication of origin, which is called the Trade Secret. Read more


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