Thursday, January 27 2022   \  Published by Landivar & Landivar.

Innovation and Intellectual Property

In our current reality, full of changes and transformations, it is common and widespread to hear the terms of innovation and reinvestment. Every time we are all more aware that if we want to continue in this world, be taken into account by adding value, we have to innovate, we have to reinvent ourselves and reinvent and innovate in everything we do on a daily basis.


 It is in this context that we ask ourselves what we consider to be innovation. This concept can be defined as a process in which something new is implemented, which adds value, that is, it modifies existing elements or ideas, improving them or creating new ones to have a favorable impact on everything that is done. It is that process that introduces novelties and that refers to modifying existing elements in order to improve them, although it is also possible to consider the process of implementing totally new elements.


 In a strict sense, on the other hand, it is said that ideas are innovative after they are implemented as new products, services or procedures that really find a successful application, imposing themselves on the market through the diffusion of business innovation. Read more


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