Thursday, January 27 2022   \  Published by Solar Law Associates.

Industrial Design and its Registration System in Nepal

General Background:

Generally whenever we purchase the essential goods or articles for our daily life, some of them have attractive appearance of design. Such design will make impression in the eyes of the observer and purchase it. The goods or article with a particular design may sell better than one without design. So it will be profitable to use design to attract consumer for increase the sales. So regarding this type of design which is mostly attracts to consumer can copy by other traders or not. If other traders have make copy as such or partly, is it infringement of design or not. How this type of design has been protected by state and is there any procedure or duty to design owner to protect his design. Which type of design is protectable and which types of design is excluded for design protection. Most of these questions have inspired to write this article to find out their answers. Read more


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