Tuesday, January 11 2022   \  Published by Crane IP.

Patent attorneys in Russia became almost equal in status with lawyers

On December 14, 2021, the Russian State Duma amended the law “On patent attorneys”, which allocates the legal status and obligations of the organization of patent attorneys.

From now on, the organization of patent attorneys will have to ensure the proper execution of the client’s instructions, the safety of the documents received from a client, and also ensure that there is no conflict of interest. In case of the inaction of the organization or improper fulfillment of these obligations, a client will be able to complain to Rospatent.

In addition, the law introduces the institution of secrecy of a patent attorney, and in the judicial process equates his status with that of a lawyer. A patent attorney’s request will also have a similar force: government agencies will be required to respond to it within a month. Read more

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