Wednesday, January 5 2022   \  Published by Papula-Nevinpat.

How to extend your patent terms in Russia

European patent attorney and Papula-Nevinpat partner Satu Lehesranta takes us through the ins and outs of filing for patent term extensions in Russia.

Patent term extensions (PTEs) have been available in Russia since 2003 for patents related to medicaments, pesticides or agricultural chemicals. These products typically require extensive and time-consuming tests to show that they’re safe and effective before a marketing authorization is granted. A patent term extension compensates for the time lost in conducting these tests.

“Patent term extensions in Russia are like the supplementary protection certificates we use in Europe,” says Lehesranta. “Before 2015, the full scope of a patent claim could be extended in Russia, including all possible embodiments. This has since changed. Now the Russian patent office is issuing supplementary patents with a limited scope to replace the scope of the underlying patents after their 20-year term has expired.” Read more


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