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Position Marks can be protected in Brazil from September 21, 2021

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Written by Rafael Garutti


Position marks are non-traditional marks consisting of the specific way in which the mark is affixed to (or placed on) a product.

Brazilian PTO through its Board of Trademarks, Industrial Designs, and Geographical Indications (DIRMA, acronym in Portuguese) opened a public consultation on April 13th, 2021, regarding the protection of position marks in Brazil.

The responsible committee received 105 contributions from the general public and after analyzing and replying to them, it was issued the Ordinance INPI/PR nº 37/2021 and the Technical Note No. INPI/CPAPD nº 02/2021, published on the Brazilian IP Official Gazette (RPI) no. 2646 of September 21st, 2021.  See the main topics of the subject below. Continue Reading

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