Thursday, October 7 2021 .

Introduction of Types of Patent Exploitation License in China

The patent exploitation license refers to the owner of patented technology, or its granted person permits other peoples to exploit his patent in a certain period of time, a  certain area and a certain manner, and charges licensee for use.  The patentee is the licensor, and the person allowed to exploit is the licensee. 


The licensor and the licensee shall sign a patent license contract when building a  license and being licensed relationship. Besides, the patent license contract only authorizes the licensee to exploit the patented technology. It doesn’t mean the transfer of patent ownership; that is, the licensee has no right to permit any unit or individual other than the patent license contract to exploit the patent.


There are only three types of patent exploitation license prescribed by the law.  However, the methods of patent license are carried out by the content of the contract.  It may be judged based on the specific rights and obligations of the contract in practice. Continue Reading

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