Monday, September 13 2021   \  Published by Crane IP.

Using Antitrust laws to protect intellectual property rights in Ukraine

Despite the fact that antitrust and intellectual property laws were recently perceived as aimed at different tasks, their mutual integration occurred over time. After all, they have one goal – stimulating economic development and innovation, encouraging competition.

If antitrust legislation is aimed at preventing the emergence of monopolies and abuse of a dominant position in the market, then intellectual property legislation, on the contrary, is designed to protect the achievements of some entrepreneurs and limit others in this – that is, to help limit competition.

However, the legal protection of intellectual property is designed to stimulate innovation and economic development. Here the intersection of goals takes place, which is reflected in the antitrust laws. And the legislation in the field of intellectual property reflects rules designed to limit the monopolization of the market – patents and copyrights are limited in time, and they must meet certain criteria for being registered. Continue Reading


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