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What to do in cases of trademark counterfeiting?

Every company that wants to remain competitive in the market must protect its industrial property rights, including its brand. This scenario can prevent, for example, brand counterfeiting from happening .

This practice is seen as a crime under specific laws that guarantee the right to industrial property.

With that in mind, we developed this article to clarify what brand counterfeiting is and how to act if it occurs, as it can cause great damage to your business.

Trademark counterfeiting

The term basically refers to infringement of industrial property – distinctive sign – of a registered service or product.

This is a criminal practice that can damage not only the image of the brand owner, but also confuse consumers.

In fact, trademark counterfeiting is a consensus among numerous countries, driven by the creation of a convention in Paris, in 1880.

Over time, many conferences were held, such as those in Brussels (1900) and Stockholm (1967) with the aim of periodically updating the text.

Brazil was one of the 14 countries that initiated the intellectual property framework of the Paris Union Convention, which today has 173 signatory countries. Continue Reading

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