Wednesday, August 18 2021   \  Published by Crane IP.

Rospatent registered 11 geographical indications during the year of the law

From July 27, 2020, the date of introduction of the description of the “geographical indication” registration procedure into Russian legislation, to July 27, 2021, Rospatent received 77 applications for registration of such objects of intellectual property rights.

However, only four applications were submitted by foreign applicants. Of the 73 Russian applications, 16 were filed by applicants from the Krasnodar Region.

A quarter of applications refer to alcoholic beverages, food products are in second place in popularity.

Of the 77 applications, Rospatent has registered 11 to date: Shuyskoye soap, Yeiskaya (for therapeutic mud and mud mask), Voronezh ice cream, Kuban (for wines), Matsesta tea, Korean red ginseng, Troitskiy shawl, Kazy of Gorny Altai, Aginsky national costumes, Toyrobsho of Agin Buryats and Maykop lemonade. Continue Reading


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