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Everything about PATENT MAINTENANCE FEES in Brazil

Invention, Utility Model and Certificate of Addition Patent Applications and Registrations are subject to payment of annuity fees in Brazil.



Payments are due since the beginning of the 3rd year after the filing date; In other words: From the 24th month after the filing date.

Important remark: Filing date = International Filing Date of PCT for National Phase Applications

Example: International Filing date (PCT) or Direct Filing Date: 31/Dec./2020

1st Year: 2020

2nd Year: 2021

3rd Year: 2022

  • 1st Annual Fee (3rd year) to be paid from 31/Dec./2022 (open window = 24th month from the Filing date) to 31/March/2023 (DEADLINE) | Grace Period of 6 months (under extra fees): 30/September/2023.
  • 2nd Annual Fee (4th year) to be paid from 31/Dec./2023 (open window) to 31/March/2024 (deadline). Continue Reading

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