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What to do before disclosing an idea for an invention

An invention is a unique, novel device, composition, or process representing a new solution to a technical problem and protected through patents. It is a nonobvious idea that persons working in the same field as the inventor cannot easily discover it. And it does not have to exist in tangible form just yet, but it does need to be thoroughly considered.

Such an invention is protected through patents, where the inventor can control the commercial use of its invention.

As per the patent; it is a sort of intellectual property protection for inventions. By acquiring a patent, an inventor is claiming ownership of his/her creation and preventing others from creating, using, or selling it.

The patent protects the inventor’s idea for a specific period (usually twenty years) and can be used to restrict others from copying it. A process, composition, or device that is already well-known to the general public, as detailed in a printed book or was in public use, on sale, or otherwise available to the public before filing a patent application may not be granted a patent certificate.

Thus, it is essential for the inventor not to disclose the invention before its registration. Continue Reading

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