Wednesday, August 11 2021   \  Published by Crane IP.

Rospatent asks the Supreme Court to toughen the registration of well-known brands

The head of the Federal Service for Intellectual Rights (Rospatent), Grigory Ivliev, appealed to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Vyacheslav Lebedev with a request to form a good in law practice on disputes around well-known trademarks.

Rospatent notes that the recognition of a trademark as well-known occurs only if the brand has become widely known among consumers, who at the same time associate the product with a specific manufacturer. The owners of such brands receive competitive advantages, including the ability to restrict the activities of companies engaged in the production of goods and services in markets that are not the same as the TM owner. In addition, the rights to well-known trademarks are protected indefinitely. Continue Reading

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