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An Overview of Concept of Trademark in Nepal

Origin of Trademark and Historical Development in Nepal In Nepalese historical development of trademark, at the ancient period, there was a profession to make pots and other essential tools by mud. They are using one type of sign, date or name etc. It seems that they wanted to indicate such creation belongs to particular person even those are not protected by state. So all the people are free to put sign, date, name on their creation and peoples can knowing that particular thing is belongs to someone. Even we can be found that types of pots are in our village. But the state doesn’t introduce the laws related with trademark as well as IP. So, individually peoples are wanted to show their products distinguish with others. In this way, Nepalese society has unknowingly developed the forms of IP and when Juddha Shamsher has established Nepal Industrial Board along with other commercial factories and related laws to fulfill the development. Then he has introduced the law which is related with IP named Nepal Patent Design and Trademark Act 1993 BS. Continue Reading

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