Tuesday, August 3 2021   \  Published by Zorin Law Office.

Patent for Industrial Design in Russia

Industrial design is a kind of industrial intellectual property. An industrial design is authorial design (styling design) solution and is characterized by unique appearance, design and ergonomic properties of the manufactured article. The article may be manufactured either by industrial or crude method.

One may get a patent for industrial design if the latter is new and original by its essential features. The term refers to features identifying aesthetical and (or) ergonomic peculiarity of the appearance of a manufactured unit, in particular:

  • shape,
  • configuration,
  • ornamental design,
  • color scheme.

A patent for industrial design certifies a priority of the industrial design, authorship and exclusive right for the industrial design. The patent is an intangible asset of market value and is used for increase of the revenue of the patent owner. Continue Reading

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