Friday, July 30 2021   \  Published by SPRUSON & FERGUSON.

China's 2021-2025 Five-Year Plan – an Outlook to China's Planned Future for IP

China’s economic development is following the initiatives of the Central government in the form of five-year projects. IP owners are encouraged to check and further analyse the recent draft published in April of this year to see what is planned for the coming years. Knowledge of these plans will help to set the check points for one’s own IP strategy and plans. It is certainly of interest to analyse what changes have been made over previous plans and what that would entail.

Intellectual property has taken a key role in the development of technological progress in China’s big economy. China’s IP system is gradually changing, with each plan having various focus points. In the new plan, two major focus points are evident:

  1. 1. An emphasis on strengthening enforcement to maximise the benefits of intellectual property, as they are not currently utilised to the fullest extent.
  2. 2. A determination to protect intellectual property rights linked to key high-technology fields where China wishes to build strength or further excel.
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