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My trademark is being infringed. What should I do?

The Industrial Property Law guarantees to the owner of the trademark registration ownership rights and exclusivity of use over the trademark, throughout the national territory. Those rights include the right to ensure the material integrity, positive reputation and image of the trademarks under its ownership.

However, what can the owner do if a third party is improperly using its trademark?

Initially, it is recommended to send an out-of-court notification or a judicial notification to the infringer, with an explanation of the facts and legal arguments that support the application for immediate abstention from use.

In general, prior notification of the infringer has positive effects and is a way of resolving the issue in a friendly manner.


My trademark is being infringed. What should I do?


However, if the infringer refuses to refrain from using the trademark, it is recommended that a lawsuit be filed, which may be done independently of out-of-court or judicial notification.

The lawsuit may contain a claim for compensation, because Brazilian law provides that the owner of the trademark is due moral and material damages in case of infringement of its exclusivity right.

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Author: Thaís de Kássia Rodrigues Almeida Penteado, Senior Associate & Head of Litigation at Peduti Advogados.

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