About HeliosCentral


HeliosCentral is the first global IP practices community that brings together law firms, companies, software, data and other IP specialists to create a collaborative online community focused on the hands-on best practices of IP operations management--from filing to docketing to maintenance to portfolio analytics.   

IP Firm Directory

A global professional directory that matches leading IP specialist firms with clients seeking best-in-class expertise.  Find attorneys, agents, analysts, software, and other solution providers, available to assist with any IP requirements.  And as a service provider, highlight your firm's capabilities, professional staff, and knowledge to gain access to the market's most active IP community.


Access leading discussion articles, the latest news, and upcoming events to keep at the forefront of what's happening in the IP industry. Promote your capabilities, expertise, and accomplishments by publishing articles, news, and awards.


HeliosCentral is the first open discussion forum focus on the needs of IP practitioners to understand global PTO procedures, policies, and processes.  With experts from every IP country, the forum is actively moderated to timely answer the most detailed questions. The forum enables Q&A collaboration between clients and in-country experts available to provide guidance on filing, docketing, renewals, formalities, and all other facets of the IP lifecycle.

Practice Resources

As fellow practitioners, we've put together a continually expanding collection of lists, links, tools and other information to help make your work more efficient and accurate.  HeliosCentral is your go to site for hands-on IP practice excellence!

About HeliosCentral

Founded by Helios IP and the Global IP Attorneys directory, HeliosCentral's mission is to help paralegals, administrators, managers, and other IP specialists achieve IP operations excellence. We bring together all interested stakeholders to create a collaborative community of shared interests.

For additional information or to discuss how we can assist you achieve your objectives, please contact us at: info@helioscentral.com