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HeliosComplete™ makes it easy to onboard, monitor, execute, and report on all aspects of your IP operations.

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1. Onboard

We start by importing your portfolio and verifying data accuracy through online databases and human-review by our team of IP specialists.

All your information is accurate and complete including bibliographic fields, family relationships, priorities, assignments, due dates and maintenance fees.

2. Monitor

With your portfolio loaded, we ensure your information remains up to date and that you have continuous visibility into the portfolio.

We maintain the docket, cross checking PTO data, and uploading documents as we receive them. And we provide you notifications of upcoming due dates so you can instruct required activities.

3. Execute

Based on your instructions, we proceed with your support services including prosecution responses, foreign filing, maintenance payments and formalities

We coordinate all activities between the client, U.S. counsel and foreign associates, ensuring visibility and information sharing in a centralized process.

4. Report

As your operations progress, we provide you docket reports, reminders, confirmations, filing receipts, portfolio reports, and financials, all accessible 24x7 through the platform.


All Inclusive Monthly Subscription

Whether supporting your existing IP team, or introducing new systems and support services, HeliosComplete™ offers a flexible approach to augment and improve your current operations.


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